'the 6 diet' contains everything you need to work out your own personal tailored diet plan to help you achieve your health and weightloss goals. 
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the 6 diet 
food combat for diabetes 

Shift excess body fat, control your sugar levels and feel great 
Find out how more and more people living with diabetes are bringing their blood sugar levels under control with 'the 6 diet'. 
Published for the first time as a book, 'the 6 diet' tells you how simple changes to the way you eat could be the breakthrough in effective blood glucose control and healthy, sensible weight loss. 
Devised as part of the acclaimed RebalanceDiabetes programme by nutritional therapist Elaine Wilson, 'the 6 diet' promotes: 
Proper blood sugar control 
The shifting of stubborn fat around the stomach 
Energy and vitality 
By carefully matching your carbohydrates, found in foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes, with your individual lifestyle, 'the 6 diet' can bring remarkable results and end the struggle with “yo-yo dieting” associated with outdated low-fat diets. 
What people are saying about 'the 6 diet' and the RebalanceDiabetes Programme: 
Rev John Rendall, 70, retired Canon from York was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes five years ago and decided to try the RebalanceDiabetes programme: 
I have lost two stone in three months and have been able to come off all the insulin I was on,” he said. “It’s such a simple way to diet and it’s completely turned things round.” 
Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition: 
“'the 6 diet' makes good nutritional sense, applying the latest principals of optimum nutrition and low GL diet, rather than the outdated low-fat, low-calorie approach. 'the 6 diet' is coupled with the wisdom of traditional Chinese principles of vital energy which, I believe, is a core element ignored in western approaches.” 
'the 6 diet' is available now via my RebalanceDiabetes website - click here! 


“Ever since being diagnosed as diabetic, I have struggled to keep the weight off especially around my waist. There has been a tendency when experiencing low blood sugar to over compensate by overeating. With Elaine’s system not only do I feel much better but the real bonus for me is that my blood sugars are so well balanced that some days I don't have to take any fast acting insulin at all!”  
– Simon Gilbert 
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