Elaine Wilson Therapy was originally established  
in the year 2000, on the basis of ‘complementary  
therapy with integrity’. I am privileged to have  
helped hundreds of patients achieve  
better health and well-being. 
I would love to help you too! 

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Holding both a professional diploma (DipAc) and a Master of Science (MSc.Ac) degree, I am a British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) registered and insured practitioner of traditional Chinese acupuncture. You can visit the BacC website here. 
Acupressure massage, in which acupoints are stimulated manually, is an alternative choice of treatment for patients who prefer not to be treated with needles. That said, needles are often so much more comfortable than thumbs! 

colon hydrotherapy 

I added colon hydrotherapy to my therapeutic ‘toolbag’ in 2005. I hold a professional diploma (DipCH), the highest qualification available in this therapy, and am a leading member of my professional body, the Institute for Professional Colon Hydrotherapy (IPCH): you can visit their website here. I am fully insured to carry out this treatment, which is not only fabulous in its own right, but pretty powerful in conjunction with my other therapies too. 

nutritional therapy 

Holding both a professional diploma (DipNT) and Master of Science (MSc.NT) degree, I am a fully insured Nutritional Therapist. I'm definitely with Hippocrates who said "let food be thy medicine" - ahead of his retro time for sure! But seriously folks - food can help with so many diseases and conditions, knowing the foods that help and the foods that harm is a crucial aspect of treatment for anyone! 
For a confidential consultation or treatment please contact me on 07842 103 498. 
Elaine Wilson 
DipAc, MSc (Ac), MBAcC, DipCH, MIPCH, DipNT, MSc (NT)  


“Before going to see Elaine for acupuncture I suffered with terrible migraines that would render me unable to work or to drive. This had a massive impact on my work and personal life as I would not know when the next migraine was going to hit. Seeing Elaine has been life-changing to say the least. 
I have now got my life back. I would recommend acupuncture to absolutely everybody. Acupuncture has enabled me to stop taking all the migraine and headache tablets completely! I cannot thank Elaine enough for my treatment and the huge impact it has had on my life.”  
– Lyndsey Slessor 
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