The Retro Medicine Revolution starts here: promoting  
those traditional approaches to health and well being  
brought bang up to date and shown to have real  
relevance in our world combined with the best of  
modern medicine.  
Establishing what heals, and  
challenging what harms! 
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why retro medicine? 

"Retro Medicine" is my creation of a portfolio of clinical approaches for health and wellbeing resulting from understanding what works, what doesn't, what in retrospect has been proven to help, to be effective, to be truly beneficial. Retro Medicine has no place for bias towards traditional or modern techniques. It has no place for prejudice against traditional or modern techniques.  
Rather, it is the pragmatic fusion of traditional and modern techniques that stand up to scrutiny and are shown clinically to benefit your health, promote well being, and help you to get the very best from your life. 
I'm here to start the Retro Medicine Revolution! 

elaine wilson 

I have worked in private clinical practice since 2000, building my therapeutic “tool bag” to include acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy and nutritional therapy.  
You can see more about this on my therapies page. 
I am committed to helping and informing as many people like you as I can through my various services and products. My 1-1 work with patients takes place in my retro treatment rooms, bespokely built to provide the best well-being environment for miles around.  
Through RebalanceDiabetes I educate and empower patients adapting to diabetes, and crucially this work is supported by my book 'the 6 diet'. 
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